Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dark Age

I love it when I get to work on a project that fits my vision and gets me paid at the same time. A game company contacted me to design a game map for their miniatures war game. The setting is an alternate future on a barren world wrought with constant fighting ... love it already. Not that I'm a dark and brooding person who contemplates the apocalypse (I like the occasional blue bird on my shoulder as long it doesn't crap). The fact that the game art and pieces were based on the artwork of Brom sealed the deal.

All the textures came from a construction site. A huge field had been cleared for development ... and my photos (sure). It just so happens that a freight train depot was nearby, which provide plenty more textures and pictures of barrels and industrial junk. Bryce 3d was also used for terrain features. I'm not too keen on 3d graphics, but Bryce is as indispensable as Painter when it comes to special graphic needs.

Jennifer Cella

Another old Web site, but still one of the favorites -- Jennifer Cella is a vocalist who performed with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The homepage alternated between the blue and plum color. Originally, I used layer modes to blend her photo with textures. But after cropping her out with the details of her hair and obvious good-looks overlapping the background images, there was no question which version we were going to use. There's some talk about working with her again ... I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The City In Which I Love You

[Personal project] ... I recently completed this digital piece for my wife's birthday. Some of the inspiration comes from a poem by Li-Young Lee (verses are hand written in the background). The background for the most part was painted and assembled on a canvas. Photos taken by me with the exception of the butterfly. Everything was assembled in Photoshop with some treatment applied in Painter. A very enjoyable project to work on, it is a good example of my style which I've not applied in a very long time.