Thursday, October 8, 2009

Continuing Halfway Broken ... here is the finalized Web site. Flash was embedded into the HTML to get the desired effects we were aiming for. The Bio page featured an image of the band members. When the mouse cursor moved over an individual, a line sketch of that particular person would be "drawn" on the screen. A lot of grunge textures were created for the overall graphic look. Iconic antique toys and objects were integrated into this rough texture not just to ad contrast but also because the band's name reminded me of those old, tin, wind-up robots.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halfway Broken

Halfway Broken Graphic (traced vector image)

Small bands are the most fun to work with, but you have to be really generous in your fees. The real reward comes in the form of praise and the knowledge that you've helped promote a fellow artist. I think I can speak for my partner in this matter ... Chris? ... Chris? With Halfway Broken, we designed not only their site, but I also put together their CD packaging and work with them on a new logo design to tie in their new site with their album and any other promotional pieces they had planned.

Halfway Broken Splash Page

Originally one of the drafts for the actual home page. I didn't want to toss the design, so I made it the splash page.