Sunday, November 22, 2009

Laughing Colors

Laughing Colors "The Blink of an Ideal World" CD

My first gig when I settled in Maryland was Laughing Colors' Web site. It was also the first time I met Chris Wright ... we've been mates since, working on several projects together ... including two more sites for Laughing Colors (LC).

LC is one of those veteran bands that should have made it big, but somehow never got the "big break." They command a loyal and large following, and rightly so ... the guys are all gifted with a talent for music. Even though they've officially parted ways, the guys have managed to to reunite annually. And yeah ... they still pack the house. Check them out at Just the fact that their site is still being updated speaks of their immortality. It was an honor to work them (and still is).

More on Laughing Colors to come!

Note: a thank you to the person who crashed into the stop sign at the metro station ... love those perfect mistakes!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I really have to get used to blogging more often ... it's not like I have an excuse not to.

Anyhow ... here's the final Halfway Broken entry... their CD packaging. Originally, I had a face on the cover -- an illustrated version and a photo -- that was being segmented by all the chaotic details. I still like the idea of the face, but the band liked the cleaner look. Either way, it was a treat working with the band ... with any band really.

Musicians in a band have a synergy ... the individuals together form a single being that is an artist in its own. As an artist/designer, I tend to work solo. My mistakes are my own ... my successes are my own. I may have messed around with music once-upon-a-time, but never to the point where I had to rely on my mates to interpret inspiration or to actually feel what I was thinking. There's something special in a band. I'm stopping before I get to deep and start rambling.