Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dave Tieff (of Laughing Colors)

Dave Tieff is the lead singer of Laughing Colors. He also works solo and is very active in his music and humanitarian projects. Check out his Web site at

I presented several ideas for his recent album, The Art of Peace, and was quite happy with every version. Pictured is the final album packaging and some art that didn't make the final cut. The CD design is an obvious peace symbol ... made of henna symbols. Some old-fashioned paint, doodles, henna clip-art and excellent photos created an album that met Dave's high standards. Look me up for your next album, Dave!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Over the Tracks

My only New Year's resolution ... to update more often.

Over the Tracks Music ... a stock music site with simple, but pop-ish elements. After presenting several color schemes and "splatter" texture options, the clients opted for the blue and orange.

After it was completed, I wished I had worked more pngs and transparencies into the site. Doing so probably would have allowed me to move the graphics around a bit more ... lessons learned.

Check out their site at