Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sketches and Scratches I

I think it's a given that artists and designers sketch more than they actually produce. The act (sketching) is more than a creative process  -- it's a way of releasing pent-up energies that build up in an artist's head. I have tons of sketches ... sketches for projects I've done, and many more of projects I probably never will get to. It's both entertaining and depressing to sort through them ... like flipping through a photo album of close relatives that have long passed away.

After returning from Santa Fe, NM with renewed vigor for art, I'm determined not to let a series of sketches fade away ... The project is a book ... "Uusa and the Moon." It will present  unique amalgam of storytelling and art. Partly inspired by  a friend's work with emulsions, it will incorporate digital imagery and mixed  media.

The sketches presented here are a few samples of what I'm planning. At this stage, I've started to collect resources -- imploring friends to lend their faces and poses, looking for found objects, and sketching pieces that will require some painting and illustrating.  Without giving away too much, I'm keeping the sketches for "Uusa" consistent in terms of style, and I believe the final pieces will retain remnants of the sketched lines. The story itself is abstract and combines elements of real world mythology, but the art is what will draw the viewer into the story's world.

If anyone reading this blog is interested in participating as a model, please shoot me an e-mail via Facebook ...  here.