Thursday, December 2, 2010

Of Mice and Men ...

Not everyone has access to Adobe's Creative Suite ... or even something compatible. I hate Microsoft products by principle as any good little graphic artist should, but when working on a template for a group of friends who have no reason (or domestic justification) to casually purchase a 1K bundle, I realized I would have to commit a sin — one usually reserved for my day job, where I have to make files for users who never venture beyond Powerpoint. It is possible to make elaborate templates in Word ... and although the finished product can be fickle to format changes, it does work.

The point to this is that the existing software, as flawed as it is, exists for the masses (PC- and Mac-users alike). As a graphic designer, I have a professional obligation to provide templates and usable documents in a format that is familiar to my client. If my work is going to be used, it has to be usable by all, not just other designers.

So, my friends have a nice template they can use ... I still have the Indesign version with the rocket-fuel injection engine.

This really is a "mouse" mouse ... click on the image to make your own.

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